How a Childhood game taught more about Life and Business than a $40,000 Degree

Last year, I graduated college and felt pretty lost in life. Always knew that there had to be another way to life then working a 9–5 job. As I went about cleaning my room. Throwing away all the childhood possessions that once were dear. Items that got me through through the years of hard times of school.

I came across Guides…. The guides were from a old MMORPG game called Maplestory

At the start of the game we are able to design how we look like to the virtual world and our name.

In comparison, Business is the same way with the design of our Avatar, the image it projects and the name it holds.

As the school years passed, I found my escape from my parents and the external world in the form of this game. By the world standards it was addicting, but it brought joy and peace. teaching a lot of valuable lessons along the way.

It allowed me to be my True Self, a person who could be anyone and do whatever. Within the finite laws of the game of course. The day of playing could’ve consisted of leveling up the character, merching, or hanging out with friends.

The opportunites were limitless!

Our lives follow suit:

Born into this world we are all given a name and a look. As we progress through life by Leveling Up, we are able to learn more skills. Those’s skills create money which allows us to pursue our passions and possibilities.

We all choose a career and from that we follow a path. Each path is different depending on what we choose, but as we grow.

We earn more money which allows us and others to grow around us. There are more adventures and more opportunities that open up.

There are guilds which are groups of people who see the world in the same lenses and cater to specific goals. Some guilds or groups focus on leveling up, others on making money, and others on hanging out and relaxing.

Going back towards Business

In the game there is a marketplace called the FM (Free Market)

The free market is where players can come to buy and exchange goods

The FM equates to the Internet People come to the Internet to exchange goods and services

In the FM there are different channels and store entrances. People wander around each store browsing for their desired good and service.

In the same way, setting up a store is the exact same as having a website or platform. People can come and hear what you have to say or offer them

The better and closer to the entrance of the FM is where items and goods priced more expensive. (Search Engine Optimization)

Further away from the store entrance is where goods are cheaper. The goods are more common (raw materials // building blocks) and it takes time searching for them.

The most expensive goods are pre-made items that are the most valuable items in the game. They are pre-made so that no one has to spend the “TIME” to make them.

Selling a product is the same way. When it is pre-made and the packages are top tier that no other person in the game will have such a item. Those’s items built through hours and hours of trial and error create for an uncontested product.

In life, there are two things that will sell; TIME and INFORMATION

Informations helps put two and two things together that people wouldn’t know how to get.

Selling the raw materials for building an item is good.

Building and selling a completed item that only the best can have is even better.

Those items are equipment that help further our journey in LIFE in accomplishing what we need to do.

Fighting the best bosses in the game drop the best equipment as in business and life. As we go through more struggle we learn more valuable skills.

People will pay premium prices for things that help improve them on their quest of life. The items or skills help them conquer bigger and better things.

I wish you the very best on your Quest of LIFE!




Founder of Life Phyte Fight for your life back by giving up the thing holding you back.

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Gabriel Ting

Gabriel Ting

Founder of Life Phyte Fight for your life back by giving up the thing holding you back.

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